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True Stories

Why do people come to Lismore Revival Fellowship as opposed to any other Church in Lismore or the Northern Rivers?

Read for yourself; their true stories of God moving daily in their lives will explain it all. When we do as God asks – repent, be baptised & receive the Holy Spirit – the Lord holds up His promises – that we would experience signs, wonders and miracles following.

These are true stories of how God has healed, provided for, given reason to hope, given peace to and restored joy to the lives of everyday people of the Northern Rivers.

People just like you, each with their own challenges; some who were seeking the truth, some who were disillusioned with the hypocrisy of religion, others who were overwhelmed, unwell, struggling with depression, struggling to make ends meet, broken-hearted or in broken relationships.

And for each and every one, there is a story of hope, provided by the Lord, as He said He would in the Bible, when we demonstrate our faith in His ways – when we repent, be bapstised and receive the Holy Spirit.