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Lismore, Northern Rivers NSW
Lismore Revival Fellowship Healed from Epilepsy

This is my true story of being healed of epilepsy.

On the 25th of May 1996 I received the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues. From that moment my life was transformed.

I instantly lost the desire for smoking drugs and drinking alcohol and I was free from the struggle of hyper anxiety and depression.

During 1998 I suffered an epileptic seizure which lasted two hours and was diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy. I was healed from epilepsy in 2006 and have had no need to take any medication since then. An EEG scan for epilepsy returned a result of 100% free of epilepsy.

The Lord has provided me with employment at NSW Health – a permanent full time position in Patient Transport since 2011.

I was married in the Lord in 2013 to my beautiful spirit-filled wife April and we have a beautiful little girl now too. The Lord provides for me and my family daily.