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Alisonne Tuckerman

Alisonne | Goonellabah HEALED FROM DEPRESSION The Lord has done so many amazing wonderful things for me, the biggest blessing is healing me of the depression I had carried for the majority of my life. I know now that if God hadn't called me, hadn't heard my cry, that I wouldn't be alive today and I can't praise Him enough. Read More...

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Darren | Lismore HEALED OF EPILEPSY On the 25th of May 1996 I received the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues. From that moment my life was transformed. Read More...

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Ann | Lismore MARRIAGE RESTORED My name is Ann Miller and my story begins as a child troubled with things that happened in my life. Read More...


Hi my name is Lesley, and I am very fortunate to be able to tell my story.


My story is one of an abundant life of faith, hope and love.


I thought I would never be free from that dark cloud. But I was! The Lord healed me.


I am Chinese-Indonesian and was raised in Indonesia in a Buddhist family. After my 5 year old son died I decided to follow Jesus, because He gave me comfort and strength to get through my grief.


My husband and I had a pretty sad marriage before we both became Christians. We started off okay but quickly fell into long periods of not talking to each other. We didn't know what to do or how to fix it, and many times I felt like leaving him. We were using drugs daily to get through life and keep up a pretense of being happy.

Peter B F

Three years ago I found myself trapped in my own web of lies and deception. I was a compulsive gambler and nothing else had any true meaning for me. Gambling sucked everything away and I could think of nothing else.


By the time I was 15 I was drinking and partying every weekend. I had a child and was in an abusive relationship so asked God to get me out of it - and He did. But I still felt lost and started taking drugs. Then I met someone who talked about God as a friend...

Lee Burkett

I was a wild young man - always drinking and fighting. My father left when I was young so I didn’t have a father figure. One day, when I was in my teens, my sister received the Holy Spirit and I heard her speak in tongues...