True Stories
Sue Holstein - A Life of Miracles


7th September 2019


My name is Sue. I was filled with the Holy Spirit with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues in January 1980.

I was sent to Sunday school as a child and I always had a belief in God. I was confirmed Church of England and attended different main line Churches. I always  felt there must be something more. I wanted to know how to be right with God, not just do my best and hope to go to heaven when I died.

We moved from the North Coast down to Wagga. We moved next door to a family who attended The Revival Fellowship, they invited me to a coffee morning. The folk at the coffee morning were talking about God as though He was a friend and told me of many miracles that had occurred in their lives. I attended the Sunday meeting and heard the spiritual gifts, of tongues, interpretation and prophecy operated. I was shown in the Bible that Paul told the early church that this should be done in the meetings. I was also told that the only baptism in the Bible was by full immersion.

I was baptized in a swimming pool and on following Wednesday at a house meeting I received the Holy Spirit with the Bible evidence of speaking in tongues.

I have had many healings and had many miracles happen in the last thirty nine years. Our daughter should have died in a car accident ( the doctor told us that) but by the grace of God she recovered and is married and has two children.

I have great assurance that if I keep living as God has set down in His word that I will rise up to meet Christ when He returns to this earth for those who have overcome by His indwelling Spirit.

Sue Holstein