True Stories

Eden Hambly - Filled with the Holy Spirit


7th September 2019


I have grown up knowing the things of God as both my parents came to the Lord when they were young. They raised my older brother and myself in accordance with the word of God and I have always known that I could turn to God and ask for prayer when ever I had an issue or problem.


I know the Lord had His hand of protection on me throughout my high school years and I was never tempted to do the things that the other kids were doing. As a young teenager, I sought for the Holy Spirit on and off but it wasn’t until this year that I truly desired His Holy Spirit and started to diligently seek for it.


I was wonderfully blessed with the Holy Spirit on the 27th of January and was baptised by full immersion the same day, in accordance with God’s word. I now understand what I have asked for and am grateful that it didn’t happen earlier, because I know that it was what I wanted and I understand the significance it will have in my life. I understand the importance of the Gospel and look forward to sharing my testimony with others, so they too can experience the power and blessing of the Lord, as I do.