True Stories
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Alisonne - Healed from Depression


7th September, 2019


I always believed in God, believed that things didn't just happen by chance.


I had suffered from depression since I was a teenager and finally came to a point 8 years ago, where I was at my lowest,  and called out to God to help me. God heard my cry and two weeks later a work colleague spoke to me about God and showed me in bible what I needed to do to be saved. I came to a meeting  and heard the word of God spoken in truth and in order.


I was given the opportunity to seek for the Holy Spirit and was wonderfully and miraculously filled with the Spirit and spoke in a language I had never learnt. At this point I truly knew that God was real and that He loved me and I was baptised by full emersion. I had to hand the control over to God and from that point on I have known a peace that surpasses understanding.


The Lord has done so many amazing wonderful things for me, the biggest blessing is healing me of the depression I had carried for the majority of my life. I know now that if God hadn't called me, hadn't heard my cry, that I wouldn't be alive today and I can't praise Him enough. Every week when I take communion I am humbly reminded of the ultimate sacrifice Lord Jesus Christ made for me and for all mankind to be saved and to be one with Him and our Heavenly Father.


I look forward to the day He returns and will continue to spread His word and truth to those that are lost and broken. I can't do enough or say enough to show God how grateful I am for the life He has given me.    

Alisonne Tuckerman