True Stories

Sam - My Good Life


7th September 2019


Hi my name is Samuel Lovegrove and I am 9 years old I will be sharing two healings.

I have been brought up in the Lord.  I received the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues and was baptised by full immersion when I was 8 years old.

The Lord has done heaps of things for me in my life first of all when I was 7 I broke my arm at the gold coast outreach. When I went to the Gold Coast Hospital the Doctor said you will need a cast on for 6 weeks but it was healed after 2 weeks with lots of prayer. When I broke it I had no pain at all.

The Lord also did the same for me when I broke my collarbone when I was 8 years old.

I really thank the lord for all his miracles that he has done for me and other people.