True Stories

Ann - Marriage Restored


31 July 2019


My name is Ann Miller and my story begins as a child troubled with things that happened in my life. I was extremely anxious and couldn’t be honest, hiding my feelings, which led to unhappiness in my life as well as my family's lives, my marriage suffered and eventually led to it breaking down.

My husband and myself moved out of Sydney to the country to try and start a new life and repair our horrible situation. What we found though was that we had simply taken our problems with us.  

It wasn’t until someone told us of the experience they’d had of receiving the Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues as the early apostles did, something I had never heard was available in the Catholic Church that we had any hope of changing our predicament.   We were shown what it meant to be ‘born again’ as Jesus spoke of in John: 3. As we both realized we had nothing to lose and everything to gain, we were baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit with the promised wonderful signs following.  

As a result, our marriage has been repaired and restored. That was over 38 years ago and we are still rejoicing in the Lord.

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is healing. Among many other healings, I have been completely healed of chronic arthritis, a terrible illness that members of my family have suffered with for many years.

When our son Joshua was born he had extreme jaundice and whooping cough. We prayed and God wonderfully healed him. The jaundice left him immediately and his healing from whooping cough was dramatic enough to have the doctors referring to him as “the mystery baby” due to its speed and completeness.

I can’t thank God enough for giving me this personal relationship with Him and having Him in my life guiding me, healing me, teaching me and providing me with the things I have need of.

Most importantly, I know He will never leave me and if I walk in His Spirit, one day I will meet Him face to face.  Amen.

Ann Miller