True Stories

From undesirable illness to eternal hope


Before I was born my parents were involved in religion, however by the time I came along they had decided to go it alone, because what they where hearing was not totally from the word of God.

From an early age, I believed in a higher entity rather than the alternative, being the theory of evolution. I tried my best to be a good person at all times but as most of us know; we come up short from time to time. I was born with a genetic disorder, had a fractured skull at age thirty and have had several poisonings such as arsenic, mercury, cadmium, thallium and organophosphate none of which is pleasant. In recent years I developed bronchiectasis and my breathing was almost nonexistent. Now through all this and eight and a half years later I look back and often wonder if God kept me going knowing that one day I would seek the truth, yes I considered suicide but remembered the commandment of “Thou shalt not kill”, I guess that can be put down to a fear of God. My main aim was to discover a link between the bible and the God I believed in existed.


The next stage goes something like this; a saint participating in a major outreach in Lismore took the time to speak to me, the thing that got my attention was speaking in tongues; I had heard about this phenomenon in past years and decided to search it out. I took a pamphlet with me and finally decided to read it some months later. That very day I rang the Lismore Pastor and asked if I could attend the next Sunday meeting and did so. I heard the spiritual gifts, shown the relevant scriptures and asked if I would like to receive the Holy Spirit, at that time and believe I said something like “that is what I am here for”. Five or so minutes later, I was speaking in tongues, which is evidence of the indwelling Holy Spirit. By six o’clock, I was baptised by full emersion, a sign of repentance and the start of a new life in the Church of Jesus Christ. This all happened on the 19th of December 2010 aged sixty-one years. Since then I have had inner peace in my daily life and a substantial improvement in my health.